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In and around Ubud, there are literally hundreds of homestays, guesthouses, hotels and villas,

ranging from as little as Rp 100,000 ( 6.50 / USD 7.50) to Rp 21,000,000 (1,350 / USD 1,500) per night.


We want our students to be satisfied with our Bali Immersion Program,

and not be dissatisfied with our accommodation recommendations.

Therefore, we ask all students to search for and arrange their own accommodation.



BOOKING.COM consistently turns up the best deals.  Further, most accommodations on the site allow you to pay on arrival and do not require a prepayment to secure your reservation.


*   Enter your Destination as "Ubud, Bali."


*   Set filters based on "Your Budget" and the "Property Type" you desire (hotel, guest house, homestay, etc).

Keep in mind that guest houses and homestays are generally more economical than hotels, and they usually provide a much better opportunity to use and develop your Bahasa Indonesia skills.



1.  Please ensure that your accomodation-of-choice has suitable space available

     for your daily language sessions (other than in your room).

When making an online reservation with BOOKING.COM, there is an option to "Contact your host for more details before booking your stay." In this section . . .

You can ask if your room comes with a terrace or balcony spacious enough for 1 to 4 learners and an Instructor.


Or you can enquire about other spaces on the property where you might be able to study without distraction (a gazebo, a yoga room, a quiet seating area, etc).

​2.  If your party is greater than 2 persons, you might want to check with your host

     about the maximum occupancy of the rooms you are booking.

Surprisingly, rooms priced at Rp 700,000 ( 45 / USD 50) and above, are sometimes very large and are often equipped with a second bed as part of the regular furnishings.

Therefore, it's occasionally possible to secure better 'per person' rates by booking larger and more expensive rooms.

Approximately Rp 575,000 to 825,000/night

€ 37-53 / USD 41-59 / CAD 54-78 / SGD 56-81 / AUD 60-85


Although we're not in the business of "making recommendations," our Instructors report that CENDANA RESORT & SPA has proved ideal for many students in the past.

  • CENDANA is located just off Monkey Forest Road in the heart of Ubud.

  • Each guest room has a large terrace with plenty of space for language instruction.

  • And, the hotel comes with lots of "Balinese charm and ambiance."

CENDANA RESORT & SPA Rating :  8.4  Very Good

Approximately Rp 575,000 to 825,000/night

€ 37-53 / USD 41-59 / CAD 54-78 / SGD 56-81 / AUD 60-85

Tucked away down a small street off Monkey Forest Road, the gates of Cendana open to reveal a large and very sunny property, complete with 4 two-level buildings of accommodations, 2 pools, several gazebos scattered around the grounds, and a large open-air restaurant to relax with a good book and a drink.

Cendana offers standard rooms at Rp 575,000 (€ 37 / USD 41); superior rooms at Rp 650,000 (€ 42 / USD 46); and deluxe rooms at Rp 825,000 (€ 53 / USD 59).

Whilst all rooms are large enough to accommodate an extra bed if requested, some of the superior rooms we've seen are actually furnished with 2 queen-sized beds! (It might be worthwhile to ask about these rooms if you are a party of 4 or more; there could be some considerable cost savings.)

Cendana's rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, a safe deposit box, a small refrigerator and a full ensuite bathroom. Room rates include breakfast, and complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the property.

There is plenty of space for language instruction at Cendana. Each room has a spacious balcony or terrace with a table and chairs, and there are several quiet seating areas on the property.

In addition to this popular hotel,

there are a multitude of less-expensive options in Ubud.


A quick search on will turn up many accommodations with nightly rates

between € 6.50 and 19 / USD 7.50 and 21 / CAD 9 and 28 / SGD 10 and 29 / AUD 11 and 31.


Feel free to contact the LSI Admissions Office

should you have any questions pertaining to accommodations.

And don't forget to contact us once you've made your selection.

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