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For Visitors to Jakarta

There are many guest houses and hotels near Language Studies Indonesia,

ranging from as little as Rp 85,000 ( 7.70 / USD 8.60) to Rp 4,000,000 ( 257 / USD 286) per night.


We want our students to be satisfied with our Indonesian Immersion Program,

and not be dissatisfied with our accommodation recommendations.


Therefore, we ask all students to search for and arrange their own accommodation.


Jakarta is an extremely congested city. 

A short taxi commute which would take 15 minutes in another city

can take 2 hours or more in Jakarta during peak weekday hours.

With this in mind . . .

It is absolutely essential that you book your accommodations

within 2 to 4 kilometres of your chosen study location.

Otherwise, you may find yourself investing 4 to 5 hours per day

 commuting to and from the school.



BOOKING.COM consistently turns up the best deals.  Further, most accommodations on the site allow you to pay on arrival and do not require a prepayment to secure your reservation.


*   Enter your Destination.

     Enter your destination as "Fatmawati,  South Jakarta City" OR "Cilandak, South Jakarta City"

*   Set filters based on "Your Budget" and the "Property Type" you desire (hotel, guest house, homestay, etc).

Keep in mind that guest houses and homestays are generally more economical than hotels, and they usually provide a much better opportunity to use and develop your Bahasa Indonesia skills.


We will confirm that the location is appropriate.

Approximately Rp 615,000/night 

€ 39 / USD 44 / CAD 58 / SGD 60 /AUD 63

Approximately Rp 325,000/night

€ 21 / USD 23 / CAD 31 / SGD 32 / AUD 33

Approximately Rp 650,000/night 

€ 42 / USD 46 / CAD 62 / SGD 63 / AUD 67

TOPAZ GUEST HOUSE Rating :  8.0  Very Good


THE WHITE TREE RESIDENCE Rating :  8.3 Very Good

Approximately Rp 350,000 to Rp 750,000/night 

€ 20-43 / USD 34-52 / CAD 30-65 / SGD 32-68 / AUD 31-67

The White Tree Residence is a small hotel located just 3 blocks from the LSI.

Although the hotel is a bit "compact and tight," the guest rooms are spacious and there are a few places to roam and get work done, including an outdoor pool area and a small restaurant/café. Whilst the hotel is built and decorated in a minimalist style, it has a "homey" and comfortable feel . . . and the entire place is spotlessly clean!

The White Tree may not offer all the amenities of a full-scale hotel, but its close proximity to Language Studies Indonesia make it an ideal choice for students who want to be able to walk to the school each morning and keep things simple.

TOPAZ GUEST HOUSE Rating :  8.4  Very Good

Approximately Rp 325,000/night

€ 19 / USD 22 / CAD 28 / SGD 30 / AUD 29

Rated by as the "best value in Jakarta," Topaz Guest House is the most popular choice of LSI Immersion students on a budget.


Topaz is not really a "guest house"; it is essentially a two-level "strip motel." (See photos). Situated in a quiet courtyard (hidden from the street by large residences and tall trees), Topaz's guest rooms are lined up in row, overlooking a pool in the centre of the courtyard.  At one end of the pool, there is a common, open-air kitchen where guests prepare their own breakfast (and other meals if they so desire).


Each unit is equipped with air conditioning, a desk, a small refrigerator, a flat-screen television with international channels, complimentry WiFi access, and a private bathroom.


A favourite of European families and solo travellers, the courtyard layout of Topaz creates an ideally social atmosphere. Guests meet in the morning as they prepare their breakfast in the common open-air kitchen, and mingle around the pool in the late afternoon and evening.

HOTEL KRISTAL JAKARTA Rating :  8.1  Very Good

1-, 2- and 3-Bedroom Suites

Approximately Rp 900,000 to Rp 3,000,000/night

€ 52-174 / USD 62-206 / CAD 78-261 / SGD 82-275 / AUD 81-270

A 10-minute taxi ride from the LSI FACILITY, the Kristal is the first choice for corporate clients, student groups, and those looking to be near a golf course.


The Kristal offers 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom suites, ranging from Rp 900,000 to Rp 2,000,000 per night.  Whilst the hotel's rates may be "top-end" for a solo traveller, parties requiring 2 or 3 rooms can often secure a surprisingly-reasonable "per-room" rate by booking a larger suite.


And just 3 kilometres away, there is a golf course and a world-class shopping mall.

Although the Kristal is not a particularly "opulent" hotel and is showing a few signs of its age, the Hotel offers all the amenities that come with it's 4-star rating :

*   complimentary private parking onsite;

*   taxi and limousine service;

*   an elegant outdoor pool with loungers and complimentary towel service;

*   a full gym with daily exercise classes and personal trainers;

*   tennis courts;

*   a spa centre and sauna;

*   a hairdresser/beauty centre;

*   restaurants offering western and Asian dishes;                 

*   a bar with billiards and live music nightly;

*   a business centre and meeting facilities; and

*   complimentary WiFi throughout the property.


All suites are air-conditioned and feature a seating area with a sofa/couch. Each suite is equipped with a desk and telephone, a safe deposit box, a flat-screen television with international channels and complimentary WiFi access.  Some suites have a dining area and kitchenette with a microwave, stove top and kettle.  Each unit comes with a private bathroom and slippers.

There is a Starbucks and a full supermarket adjacent to the hotel. 

In addition to these popular guest houses and hotels,

there are a multitude of less-expensive options.


A quick search on will turn up many accommodations with nightly rates

from € 7.70 to 19 / USD 8.60 to 21 / CAD 11 to 28 / SGD 12 to 29 / AUD 13 to 31.


Feel free to contact the LSI Admissions Office

should you have any questions pertaining to accommodations.

And don't forget to contact us once you've made your selection,

so we can confirm that the location of your chosen accommodation is appropriate.

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