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Create Your Own Batik Masterpiece

At LSI's Batik-Making Classes, you will explore the simple and exciting process of batik-making with a traditional artisan, anxious to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. And with your mentor's gentle and patient guidance, you will create a rewarding piece of art to bring home from your travels to Indonesia.


The action takes place at a traditional batik studio.

Learn Indonesian Language. "Live the Language" with a Summer Language Immersion Program in Jakarta, Indonesia. Program Activity : BATIK MAKING.

Batik is a technique for creating designs on fabric (usually cotton or silk) using dyes and waxes.  Dyes of different colours are applied to cloth in several stages, with wax being applied between each stage to protect areas from unwanted colour.


With origins in China, India and Japan, techniques of batik making were introduced to the island of Java early in the last millennium at the time of the Chinese Tang Dynasty.


Today, Batik is overwhelming viewed as a distinctly Indonesian artform, with original Batik creations from Indonesia fetching the higher prices than Batiks from anywhere else in the world.

LSI's 'BATIK MAKING' CLASS is one of several activities and excursions offered through

LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA'S Immersion Language Programs for Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language).


Throughout the year, LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA offers Foreign Language Immersion Programs for learners from around the globe.

And each year, from June to September, Summer Language Immersion Programs are made available for high school and university students.


Are you looking  to get away from "the familiar" and make an unusual journey?

You might want to consider coming to Jakarta, Indonesia, to be immersed in the world's sixth most widely-spoken language.


While Language Immersion Schools are readily available for high-density European languages,  it is more difficult to find

world-class Immersion Programs in the farther reaches of the world.  LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA to the rescue!


If you would like to study language abroad and truly "live the language,"

then the LSI Language Immersion Program in Jakarta, Indonesia, may be for you.


Whether you are shopping for a Summer Language Immersion Program or looking a Foreign Language Immersion School

to serve you at another time of year . . . the LSI Admissions Office is ready to respond to your needs immediately.

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