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Beyond Jakarta


Study Languages Abroad. Learn Indonesian with Immersion Language Training in Jakarta, Indonesia. Description of Program Excursion : BOGOR BOTANICAL GARDENS & ENVIRONS.

Lunch : Café de Daunan.

  • Train Ride from Jakarta to Bogor

  • Zebaoth Church

  • Bogor Palace

  • Ethnobotany Museum

  • Zoology Museum

  • Bogor Botanical Gardens

  • Orchid Garden



Home to more than three million people, Bogor is the largest city in proximity to Jakarta. 

Although no longer the quaint town it once was, it still retains much of its small town charm.


Sitting at an elevation of 265 metres (869 feet), Bogor is much cooler (and fresher) than Jakarta,

and receives more precipitation than any other municipality in Java.

Train Ride


We will travel to Bogor by train.  The train will pass through the sweeping grounds of the University of Indonesia, one of the countries premiere institutes of higher learning,  before arriving in Bogor.


Zebaoth Church


Nicknamed the 'Rooster Church' for the chicken statue in its tower, this quaint Bogor Church was built in 1920.  For more than 40 years, it was exclusively used by Europeans and sermons were given in Dutch.


Bogor Palace


Built in 1744, the Bogor Palace functioned as a country getaway for Dutch colonial governors, Sir Stamford Raffles being one of the most notable.


Ethnobotany Museum


The Ethnobotany Museum, opened in 1982, contains more than 2,000 artifacts which focus on the relationship between indigenous people and the plants they use.


Zoology Museum


Started as a botanical research centre, a mission that continues to this day, the garden of this museum has more than 15,000 species of plants, including 400 types of palm trees.  You can wander freely among the Museum's wonderful collections of exotic, endangered specimens.


Bogor Botanical Gardens


Bogor Botanical Gardens was opened in 1817 by Gustaaf Willem, Java's then Dutch Governor-General. The park, spanning 87 hectares and filled with natural goodness, is a testament to preservation as well as a showcase of nature's endless ability to awe.  Nowhere else in Indonesia can you find such accessible flora or so many meandering paths leading to endless leafy surprises.


Orchid Garden


During our Bogor Tour, we will visit this simple and peaceful greenhouse garden where roughly 3,000 different varieties of orchid are on display.  


Café de Daunan (Café of Leaves)


After sitting at this outdoor café, sipping on fresh juice while looking out across the exquisite, expansive central lawn of Bogor Botanical Gardens, you should be a very happy camper.  Try the nasi timbel or nasi langgi for some excellent sampler platters of fine Indonesian food before beginning your stroll through the lovely Botanical Gardens.

LSI's 'BOGOR BOTANICAL GARDENS AND ENVIRONS' EXCURSION is one of several activities and excursions offered through

LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA'S Immersion Language Programs for Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language).


Throughout the year, LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA offers Foreign Language Immersion Programs for learners from around the globe.

And each year, from June to September, Summer Language Immersion Programs are made available for high school and university students.


Are you looking  to get away from "the familiar" and make an unusual journey?

You might want to consider coming to Jakarta, Indonesia, to be immersed in the world's sixth most widely-spoken language.


While Language Immersion Schools are readily available for high-density European languages,  it is more difficult to find

world-class Immersion Programs in the farther reaches of the world.  LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA to the rescue!


If you would like to study language abroad and truly "live the language,"

then the LSI Language Immersion Program in Jakarta, Indonesia, may be for you.


Whether you are shopping for a Summer Language Immersion Program or looking a Foreign Language Immersion School

to serve you at another time of year . . . the LSI Admissions Office is ready to respond to your needs immediately.

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