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Study Abroad Language. Foreign Language Immersion in Jakarta, Indonesia (Indonesian Language & Culture). Description of Program Excursion : WEST JAVA EXCURSION.

This extraordinary journey to wholly untouristed locales in West Java (the area surrounding Jakarta) provides LSI Immersion Students with unparalleled opportunities for authentic interaction with local farmers and operators of cottage industries.​


The Excursion offers students a glimpse of the "traditional lifestyles" which remain a reality to some 200 million Indonesians.  The goal is to help students develop a fuller appreciation of the benefits and drawbacks of progress - those things which are "gained" . . . and those things which are lost forever.

Study Abroad Language. Foreign Language Immersion in Jakarta, Indonesia (Indonesian Language & Culture). Program Excursion : WEST JAVA EXCURSION.

The West Java excursion is NON-INVASIVE and is designed to benefit local West Java communities. Donations are made to all villages visited, and a portion of each Excursion Fee goes to the LSI EDUCATION FUND which helps keep rural West Java children in school.



  •   Drive to West Java (Bandung Regency).


  •   Have lunch.


  •   Visit a small local COFFEE PLANTATION at Mandalawangi Hill.

Observe traditional coffee processing methods.


Explore the vegetation, enjoy breathtaking views and meet locals.

  •   Visit a traditional WEAVING VILLAGE.

Take a two-hour weaving lesson with a local weaver on a rustic loom.

  •   Head to KOPI KAMPUNG (a local hangout) for dinner, coffee and conversation.

Chill out with the locals for as long as you'd like.

  •   When you get tired of socialising . . .

Journey to LOVELY GUEST COTTAGES amid surrounding rice terraces.

Settle in for the evening.


  •   Rise early for a Continental or traditional Indonesian breakfast at guest cottages.

  •   Head to a traditional BAMBOO VILLAGE.

Try your hand at basket-weaving and, hopefully, leave with a small basket to take home as a memento.

  •   Enjoy a traditional SUNDANESE LUNCH at a popular local restaurant.

  •   Visit ANGKLUNG HOUSE for a performance of Sundanese Arts.

Traditional Dance, Wayang Golek Puppet Show & Angklung Orchestra.


(Angklung is a traditional bamboo musical instrument played by

the Sundanese people for many centuries.)

  •   Drive back to Jakarta for a good night's sleep.

LSI's 'WEST JAVA' EXCURSION is one of several activities and excursions offered through

LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA'S Immersion Language Programs for Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language).


Throughout the year, LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA offers Foreign Language Immersion Programs for learners from around the globe.

And each year, from June to September, Summer Language Immersion Programs are made available for high school and university students.


Are you looking  to get away from "the familiar" and make an unusual journey?

You might want to consider coming to Jakarta, Indonesia, to be immersed in the world's sixth most widely-spoken language.


While Language Immersion Schools are readily available for high-density European languages,  it is more difficult to find

world-class Immersion Programs in the farther reaches of the world.  LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA to the rescue!


If you would like to study language abroad and truly "live the language,"

then the LSI Language Immersion Program in Jakarta, Indonesia, may be for you.


Whether you are shopping for a Summer Language Immersion Program or looking a Foreign Language Immersion School

to serve you at another time of year . . . the LSI Admissions Office is ready to respond to your needs immediately.

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