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Study Language Abroad. Learn Indonesian Language with Language Immersion Program in Jakarta, Indonesia. Description of Program Excursion : COLONIAL JAKARTA.

The Old Town of Dutch BATAVIA

Situated in north Jakarta, the old town of Batavia (aka "Kota")

was once the hub of Dutch colonial Indonesia.

  • Fatahillah Square

  • The Great Canal

  • Port of Sunda Kelapa

  • Wayang (Puppet) Museum

Lunch : Batavia Café.

Study Language Abroad. Learn Indonesian Language with Language Immersion Program in Jakarta, Indonesia. Program Excursion : COLONIAL JAKARTA.

Fatahillah Square (Taman Fatahillah)


Fatahillah Square was the central cobblestone square of Dutch Batavia, and it remains an impressive sight to this day.  Surrounded by imposing colonial buildings, the Square is still reminiscent of the area's heyday.

The Great Canal (Kali Besar)


Kali Besar is a large canal which was constructed in the image of Amsterdam during the Dutch colonial period.  Although rundown today, this was once the premiere residential district of Dutch Batavia.  On the west bank of the canal is Toko Merah (Red Shop), formerly the home of Governor General van Imhoff in the 18th century.  At the northern end is the Chicken Market Bridge, the last remaining Dutch drawbridge, dating from the 17th century. 

Port of Sunda Kelapa


Once the pride of the Dutch colonial empire, this port is home to a magnificent collection of Makassar Schooners (pinisi).  These brightly coloured sailing ships comprised the bulk of the Dutch fleet during the colonial ea, and are still used today for domestic shipping within Indonesia.


The dock scene here has barely changed for centuries, with porters unloading cargo from the ships by hand and trolley.  One of Jakarta's more unusual sights.

Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang)


This puppet museum has one of the best collections of wayang puppets in Java, and its dusty cabinets are filled with a multitude of characters from across Indonesia, as well as China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Europe.  


The building itself dates from 1912.  In the courtyard, there are memorials to Dutch generals who were once buried here, including Jan Pieterszoon Coen, founder of Batavia.

Batavia Café


Batavia Café is one of the most famous restaurants in Jakarta.  The restaurant has barely changed since Dutch traders sipped coffee here in white linen suits. Guests are offered an opportunity to dine in a uniquely historic setting, while overlooking Fatahillah Square and the former City Hall of Batavia.

Wayang Museum - LSI Immersion Programmes
Batavia Cafe - LSI Immersion Programmes

LSI's 'COLONIAL JAKARTA' EXCURSION is one of several activities and excursions offered through

LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA'S Immersion Language Programs for Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language).


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If you would like to study language abroad and truly "live the language,"

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