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Learn Indonesian - Director of Studies


High-quality English-language instruction has long been available to Indonesians living in Jakarta.


But those seeking 'Indonesian language training' have generally had to settle for inconsistent instruction through private individuals, or study with English-language schools offering informal Indonesian language courses.


In 2007, we set about to change all that.  We founded LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA with one singular mission : to develop and implement an internationally-recognised Bahasa Indonesia curriculum - a curriculum comprising the world's best practices in modern language education.

Rahdian Saepuloh | Co-Founder & Director


We are proud to have introduced to Indonesia an international standard of Bahasa Indonesia education which has never-before been available . . . and now, through the LSI ONLINE OUTREACH PROGRAM, this education is also accessible to learners all over Indonesia and in 122 countries worldwide.


If you're seeking serious Bahasa Indonesia training and rapid language acquisition (in Jakarta or online worldwide),

please look no further than LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA!  We look forward to serving you.

Today, LSI  is known around the globe as "The Bahasa Indonesia School," and, in 2016, 2018 and 2019,  LSI's

in  Bahasa Indonesia was recognised  as   the  BEST EDUCATION PROGRAM OF

the Minister of Higher Education.

Certificate  Program

by Indonesia's Minister



of Education and

Desmond Breau | Co-Founder & Program Coordinator


LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA is Indonesia's Leading School for Indonesian language studies.  Indeed, it is the only educational institution in Jakarta devoted exclusively to the study of Bahasa Indonesia.

We attribute our success and market-position entirely to our people.  LSI’s “product” is its teaching faculty! And, given this fact, we devote more time and effort to the recruitment and development of world-class Indonesian Instructors than we do any other aspect of the School's operation.

The most common concern of incoming students is that their Instructor will "lack the leadership" to guide them to rapid fluency.

If you have such concerns, please put them to rest :

Learn Indonesian - Program Coordinator
  • LSI's faculty is comprised wholly of university-accredited Language Instructors, all of whom are fully trilingual, speaking English, an Indonesian local language, and, of course, Bahasa Indonesia ;

  • Their credentials notwithstanding, all incoming Instructors are required to successfully complete 'LSI's Teacher Education Program' (which focuses  on "effective adult coaching methods") before joining the faculty ; and     

  • Throughout their tenures, Instructors are expected to attend Indonesian school conferences and pursue opportunities for professional development.

LSI’s careful selection process and ongoing development programs ensure that each student receives the highest possible level of Indonesian language education from a dynamic Instructor with proven teaching skills.

Whether you live Indonesia or the other side of the world, we hope we will have the opportunity of welcoming you to LSI's worldwide student-body in the weeks and months ahead.

From Our Alumni

Language School Reviews



Ian Wilson | Switzerland

I am setting up some business in Jakarta and was staying for a couple of month in Hotel. I reached out to LSI to see if they could provide me some basic knowledge of Bahasa and as I am very busy with work I needed a tailored program and teacher attending my hotel.

I can only highly recommend LSI to anybody wanting to learn Bahasa. The program that was offered to me was excellent, the teachers were friendly and extremely talented and professional.


My knowledge of Bahasa has increased incredibly within 36 hours tutorial, thanks to Desmond, Monalisa and Meizar. For sure if I return to Jakarta I will contact LSI again for next steps.

Terima kasih!




Erica & Hideko YokoyamaJapan


My daughter and I came to Jakarta in April, and my daughter started learning Bahasa from May, and I just started this month at LSI.  Here's a mail I sent to LSI to express my appreciation・・・

Thank you very much for your assistance at the school.  I really enjoyed the lessons everyday for 2 weeks.  Actually, my friends were traveling around for this 2 weeks, but I was here studying Bahasa Indonesia.

I envied them a little, but I think it was the best choice I have ever done.  For sure, we will go back to study Bahasa soon.

Well, Erika is having some Indonesian friends at school now, and seems enjoying her school life.  And we both have more time to watch Indonesian TV pro, and try harder to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia out side.


All of changes in our life are brought from LSI.


Again, I would like to say, Terima kasih and sampai bertemu lagi.


Daniel Tranter | Australia

My experience with LSI has been fantastic. From first meeting Ibu Chitra and Ibu Mita at reception, who greeted me with warmth (and patience with my attempts at speaking Bahasa Indonesia) to all my learning experiences with various teachers - Ibu Tantry, Pak Greg, Ibu Ifa, Pak Maezar, Ibu Dian - they all conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism, but more importantly, they taught me skillfully and with passion for their job. They took an interest in my life and made me feel like I was a part of the LSI family.


After only a few lessons, I felt comfortable using the language outside the classroom, and the teaching methods ensured I was able to remember my vocabulary. I highly recommend learning Bahasa Indonesia with Language Studies Indonesia.


Monica Reyes | Philippines


I just finished the Beginner I course and am delighted with the whole experience.

Everyone in the LSI team was very professional and helpful.


Halfway through the course, I was already able to communicate well with the taxi drivers and order food--very helpful in a city like Jakarta! Definitely recommend this school. :)



Samantha Duffey Surface | United States

After living in Jakarta for one year I grew eager to learn how to converse more deeply with the locals I met. Since I worked in Jakarta I looked into many different programs that would be professional and accommodating to my schedule. LSI was better and beyond my expectations. I chose to do an immersion of two hour language classes everyday for two months and was very pleased with my progress.

The teachers became more like friends than simply teachers. They went above and beyond to help assist me in my learning by helping me engage and use my Bahasa outside of class. They would make notes during each lesson of things I needed to progress on, learning habits they were learning or anything they wanted to note so we could build on it. This was very impressive to me. I am back in my home country and my teachers are still working with me to continue my language learning.

I would fully recommend LSI for Jakarta language learners! I could not have been more thankful.


Daniel Stephen | Singapore

Never have I come across a language school as professional and dedicated to helping expats learn Bahasa Indonesia as LSI. My teacher Bapak Desmond has also been a true revelation. Over the course of the past three months he has not just been a passionate Bahasa tutor but rather has also become a mentor for me. Classes with him are always refreshing and at times enlightening.

Despite my short stay in Indonesia of 3 months for an internship, I was still able to cover level A2, B1 and even had a bit of spare time to cover some bonus content from level B2. All of this because Bapak Desmond encouraged me to push my limits. Now I take great pride in saying that I am a fairly effective speaker of the language.

Rest assured that joining LSI will be the best decision you can make to enhance your life here in Indonesia. In addition, if you are committed and work closely with them you can get great bang for buck as well.


Lilian Gatubu | Kenya

My son and I took the Foundations I course level. This was the best Christmas gift we have ever received! The course was excellent, beyond our expectations. The instructor was very good, very patient, yet firm with us, systematic and clear. We are excited that, within two weeks, we have some basic conversations in Bahasa Indonesia. The outside class activities (Batik making, cooking and Jakarta tour) were well organized and a good opportunity to practice the language in real life.

The weekend excursion to Pulau Macan was a memorable visit to the island during the Christmas weekend.

Our accommodation at Pesona Guesthouse was so welcoming and homely. We were excited to be part of the "the family" for two weeks.

We look forward to taking the next level with LSI. Thank you.



Abigail Carretas | United States

I am thankful that I am learning from Pak Aji and that I signed up with LSI. I really like how LSI is professional, friendly, and organized. I am an online learner because of Covid-19. I started in June from USA and still studying online in Indonesia. LSI and Pak Aji were both accommodating to the time difference.

My experience with Pak Aji and LSI have been great. Pak Aji has been very patient with me especially when I mix up the word structure. Pak Aji is professional and also has been like a friend, easy to talk with and can ask questions freely. I like when he asks me questions in Bahasa Indonesia about anything and so he makes me practice even more. He is very helpful, gives homework that I can handle and also challenges me with what I need to work on.

I have already been recommending LSI to my friends and acquaintances. I will continue to do so because I believe that LSI is a wonderful place to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Abdallah Zubeidi | Malaysia

Firstly the application process and the feed back was wonderfully informative, it made it smooth to understand everything i needed to know, I got to Jakarta and studied 2 courses which have helped me a lot in learning the Indonesian language, I feel confident I can ask questions and understand the answers or vice versa, the teachers are wonderful and know how to work with the students, the material given is very organized and easy to skim through.


It was a good experience for me and a very quick and educational one, I would truly suggest LSI to anyone who would want to study the language, only thing now is for LSI to open up in other areas so that the students wouldn't be tied down to one certain area especially for international students.  Terima kasih.


Peter Maccioni | Australia

I've thoroughly enjoyed studying with LSI over the past four months. They are clearly experts in their field. After having learnt two other languages via more formal teaching styles, Bu Tantry's flexible and fun approach to teaching means I look forward to every class and I'm learning far more quickly than if i studied at a language school or university in Australia. I've found the online-based classes to be very effective. It also means that I can do classes while I travel.

A friend recommended LSI to me and I would do the same to anyone looking for the quickest and most thorough to learn Indonesian.


Maruska Pinares | Peru

Highly recommended. They have great teachers, flexible schedules according to your needs. They did a great Job with me and after a short time I was ready to speak and understand the local language. They also provide print and online academic material, theres no way you cant learn with them, really amazing!



Aishah Brice | United Kingdom


I’ve been studying Indonesian with LSI for approximately five months and the progress has been crazy! I started the course learning in person then switched to online classes—LSI’s a programme accessible to anyone across the world.

Since starting, my Indonesian has noticeably improved. I’ve gone from knowing simple phrases to holding entire conversations with people my own age! This development is all thanks to LSI and my teacher, Yunisa, who ensures our sessions are just like meeting up with any other friend. Though the educational aspect is important, LSI also values the customer’s personal comfort—something rare in professional businesses. I’d definitely recommend LSI to anyone of any age with whatever reason wanting to learn Indonesian!




Abdullah Aldosari | Saudi Arabia


It is the best school for learning indonesian language, Really I am very lucky to find this school!



Carrlos Cuellar| United States


I have been living in Indonesia for almost four years. The first two years in Indonesia, I took Indonesian language courses at various language schools in Jakarta but I always found the courses focused on casual conversation and skills to get you by on a day to day basis.


I found most Bahasa Indonesia language schools in Jakarta focus very little on writing skills and foundations of grammar. Most of the Bahasa Indonesia language courses seem geared towards the casual student/expat passing by through Jakarta and are intended to only give you a quick exposure to the language. Enough to order your food in a restaurant, buy your groceries at the local supermarket, etc.


As I am based in Jakarta for business I was interested in learning the grammar well so I could take my Bahasa Indonesia to the next level and conduct more sophisticated conversations as well as communicating in writing in Bahasa Indonesia in a business setting.


LSI did just that!  Teachers were really knowledgeable of the foundations of the grammar and adapted the course to my needs and schedule in a very flexible manner. Furthermore, I realized if I had started learning Bahasa Indonesia with LSI upon arrival to Jakarta it would have taken me half the time it took me with other schools to achieve the level of fluency needed to get by on a daily basis and hence, if desired and needed, build a platform for advanced Bahasa Indonesia skills.


If one is interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia well, LSI is definitely the best place I have found in Jakarta. Alternatively, if one is only interested in casually studying Bahasa Indonesia (maybe enough to get you by on a day to day basis and find the proper spot for your next weekend of surfing somewhere in Indonesia), studying with LSI will shorten significantly the time you will require to do so.


It is the only place I have found with the capacity to cover both the needs of casual learners as well as the needs of more serious students. Just make sure to explain the teachers what your goals are.



Shoura Zehetner-HashemiAustria

I have been living in Jakarta for almost 2,5 years and as I was working for an Embassy here it was expected f