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If culture is a house . . . then language is the key to the front door and all the rooms inside.


"SELAMAT PAGI" : "GOOD MORNING" in Indonesian Language. LEARN BASIC BAHASA INDONESIA IN JAKARTA OR ONLINE, with Language Studies Indonesia.

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good morning  in Indonesian language

thank you  in Indonesian language       

hello  in Indonesian language               

Indonesian language name                  

:  selamat pagi

terima kasih


Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia in Context - Buying Food (Eps 1)

Welcome to our new series, ”BAHASA INDONESIA IN CONTEXT.”

Language can never be truly understood outside of the contexts in which it is used.

Over the next several weeks, we will present Indonesian vocabulary and phrases commonly found in different situations. Our hope is to help you develop the ability to use your Bahasa Indonesia in the various contexts of your daily life.


In this first episode of our series, we meet Ibu Sharine. She is hungry and is looking for a place that sells takeaway food. She finds a street vendor and looks over the menu. After deciding what she wants, she orders her food, and returns to her office.

This short video will introduce you to the following Indonesian vocabulary:

We hope these new words and phrases will prove helpful to you as you develop your Bahasa Indonesia communication skills.

Selamat Belajar!!



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