Live and Learn with Your Teacher

Total Language Immersion – Live and Learn With Your Teacher


Learn the local language at Home Language International locations in: Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Monaco, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.


This is a unique opportunity for a total language immersion experience, living with and being taught by your own private teacher. The Home Language International program is completely different from any other language experience. You live and study in your teacher’s house. Students participate in the family’s daily and social activities, taking part during their stay in the life of a typical family. With the Home Language International Program there is no traveling to and from school every day and no contact with any students who speak your own language. Also, you may start the program on a date that is convenient to you. This program is suitable for ages 13 and older. Couples or 2 students traveling together can also participate on this program at reduced cost as long as they arrive and depart together and both participants are at the same language level. See below for special pricing.


You will be given an experience in LIVING the language you are studying. There is absolutely no contact with people speaking your own language. The teacher will correct and guide the student not only during the lessons but AT ALL TIMES when the teacher and student are together. Given sufficient notice, you can be placed with a teacher who shares your interests. All Home Language International teachers have either a teaching certificate recognized by the government or a university degree (or an accepted equivalent). In addition, all the teachers have earned the Regency Certificate, which means that their qualifications have been verified and the homes have been thoroughly inspected by the local organizer.


All homes and teachers have been carefully selected. Home Language International tries to look for the perfect family to match your interests and age. All families are upper middle class with very nice homes. Some luxury homes have also been made available with wealthy families who are interested in the challenge of the experience.




Starting dates: ANY SUNDAY!


All prices per week. 1 week: Sunday to Sunday. Prices include number of hours of formal teaching as indicated below, single room accommodations and all meals. (Transfers to and from the local airport or train station are available upon request and at additional cost.). Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for a listing of locations offered within each country.


Home Language International Prices 2019 :

(All programs: NO application fee.  A non-refundable USD 100.00 deposit is required at the time of enrollment.

Deposit will be subtracted from final program invoice.  See Application Procedures)





4-Week Program

60 Instructional Hours

(15 hours weekly)

Rp 90,000,000 per participant  *


Euro   €5,613   (€1,404 per week)

USD   $6,408   ($1,602 per week)

3-Week Program

45 Instructional Hours

(15 hours weekly)

Rp 90,000,000 per participant  *


Euro   €5,613   (€1,404 per week)

USD   $6,408   ($1,602 per week)

2-Week Program

30 Instructional Hours

(15 hours weekly)

Rp 90,000,000  *


Euro   €5,613   (€1,404 per week)

USD   $6,408   ($1,602 per week)



If you choose to undertake a LANGUAGE ONLY Program (See 'Itineraries' below), your Program will NOT include a 'cultural component.'  You'll have your afternoons and evenings free.


If you choose a LANGUAGE AND CULTURE Program . . .


After you've completed your language lessons each weekday morning, you'll break for lunch with your Instructor/Mentor .


Following lunch, your Mentor will turn you over to your IndoExcursions Guide, and you'll hit the road to spend the remainder of the day exploring Bali and partaking in all the cultural activities it has to offer.


​Over the course of your program, your Bali Guide will take you off the well-trodden path for a true "insider journey" across the island - a journey filled with opportunities that would normally only be available to natives.  You'll venture to intricately carved temples rarely visited by tourists; you'll stop at villages where locals will prepare you meals whilst excited youngsters perform ritual dances; you'll visit traditional spice plantations - you'll experience "authentic Bali" and discover the true essence of the "Island of the Gods."


​Your guide will structure your daily cultural activities around those things which interest you most. Maybe you'd like to learn to cook Balinese food or maybe you'd like to experience a traditional Balinese massage or spa treatment. Perhaps you'd enjoy some yoga sessions or some traditional Balinese dance classes. What about learning to play the gamelan or learning how to make Hindu offerings for the gods?  Have you ever thought of visiting a guru for some spiritual mentoring?


​The options are limitless, and the choices are, ultimately, yours to make. Your Guide will do everything in her/his power to meet your desires and ensure that every day of your immersion program is magical for you.


At 6pm daily, your tour guide will return you to your accommodations. You'll have each evening free to dine at one of Ubud's amazing world-renown restaurants and/or take in a fascinating Balinese dance or musical performance at a local palace or temple.