Live the  Language in  Indonesia




       in Jakarta & Bali, Indonesia


Combining Indonesian Language Studies


with Cultural Activities and Excursions in Bali.


is the official language of Bali and the 17,000 islands of Indonesia,

and is the sixth most widely-spoken language in the world.


Take a 2-, 3- or 4-week Language Vacation in Bali,

and learn to speak the language of

the world's fourth most-populous country.

If you're a traveller who likes to get away from the "familiar" and truly understand the culture of the people you meet in the places you visit, then LSI's LANGUAGE VACATIONS IN BALI is for you.  

You'll wake up in Bali each day and spend your mornings studying Bahasa Indonesia with your own private Instructor/Mentor on the terrace of your exquisite Bali accommodation, surrounded by lush tropical gardens overlooking magnificent rice terraces.


Then, each afternoon, you'll hit the road with your guide to take in the sites, partake in the Bali's countless cultural activities and, most importantly, to practice your newly-learned language skills.


At LSI, we understand that 'language' is the all-important key to connecting with those around you, so we create immersion program which combine world-class Indonesian language training with unparalleled opportunities for authentic interaction with local Balinese communities.  


Our desire is to have you leave Indonesia with much more than simply 'language training.' Our sincere hope is that you'll return home having acquired memories, friendships and influences which will impact your life forever.


All LSI Language Vacations are based in or around the city of Ubud, the cultural, artistic and spiritual centre of Bali.


Tucked in the foothills of central Bali, Ubud has entranced visitors for a century with its magnificent scenery, artistic people, and cultural and spiritual attributes. In recent years, the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love has brought Ubud to the attention of a whole new generation, and being named the top city in Asia by Conde Nast Traveller has only added to the hoopla.


Ubud is the place you dreamt of when you packed for Indonesia.  From the flower-petal offerings placed everywhere, to the processions of joyfully-garbed locals shutting down roads, to the elaborate temple ceremonies, to the enchanting traditional dances, to the otherworldly gamelan music played everywhere, almost everything in Ubud has spiritual meaning and leaves you with a lasting impression of reverence, peace and tranquility.


Add to this Ubud's marvellous restaurants, exquisite lodgings, and world-renown spas and wellness centres, and you've got a place where days become weeks and weeks become months.


LSI works with several charming accommodations in the Ubud area, each chosen for its enchanting Indonesian ambiance. Once we have your details (the size of your party, the age and lifestyle of the travellers, etc), we'll select one of our favourite accommodations for you - one which suits the needs of you and/or your group and offers an appropriate space for language instruction.