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Learn Indonesian - Director of Studies


High-quality English-language instruction has long been available to Indonesians living in Jakarta.


But those seeking 'Indonesian language training' have generally had to settle for inconsistent instruction through private individuals, or study with English-language schools offering informal Indonesian language courses.


In 2007, we set about to change all that.  We founded LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA with one singular mission : to develop and implement an internationally-recognised Bahasa Indonesia curriculum - a curriculum comprising the world's best practices in modern language education.

Rahdian Saepuloh | Co-Founder & Director


We are proud to have introduced to Indonesia an international standard of Bahasa Indonesia education which has never-before been available . . . and now, through the LSI ONLINE OUTREACH PROGRAM, this education is also accessible to learners all over Indonesia and in 122 countries worldwide.


If you're seeking serious Bahasa Indonesia training and rapid language acquisition (in Jakarta or online worldwide),

please look no further than LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA!  We look forward to serving you.

Today, LSI  is known around the globe as "The Bahasa Indonesia School," and, in 2016, 2018 and 2019,  LSI's

in  Bahasa Indonesia was recognised  as   the  BEST EDUCATION PROGRAM OF

the Minister of Higher Education.

Certificate  Program

by Indonesia's Minister



of Education and

Desmond Breau | Co-Founder & Program Coordinator


LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA is Indonesia's Leading School for Indonesian language studies.  Indeed, it is the only educational institution in Jakarta devoted exclusively to the study of Bahasa Indonesia.

We attribute our success and market-position entirely to our people.  LSI’s “product” is its teaching faculty! And, given this fact, we devote more time and effort to the recruitment and development of world-class Indonesian Instructors than we do any other aspect of the School's operation.

The most common concern of incoming students is that their Instructor will "lack the leadership" to guide them to rapid fluency.

If you have such concerns, please put them to rest :

Learn Indonesian - Program Coordinator
  • LSI's faculty is comprised wholly of university-accredited Language Instructors, all of whom are fully trilingual, speaking English, an Indonesian local language, and, of course, Bahasa Indonesia ;

  • Their credentials notwithstanding, all incoming Instructors are required to successfully complete 'LSI's Teacher Education Program' (which focuses  on "effective adult coaching methods") before joining the faculty ; and     

  • Throughout their tenures, Instructors are expected to attend Indonesian school conferences and pursue opportunities for professional development.

LSI’s careful selection process and ongoing development programs ensure that each student receives the highest possible level of Indonesian language education from a dynamic Instructor with proven teaching skills.

Whether you live Indonesia or the other side of the world, we hope we will have the opportunity of welcoming you to LSI's worldwide student-body in the weeks and months ahead.