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If culture is a house . . . then language is the key to the front door and all the rooms inside.


"SELAMAT PAGI" : "GOOD MORNING" in Indonesian Language. LEARN BASIC BAHASA INDONESIA IN JAKARTA OR ONLINE, with Language Studies Indonesia.

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good morning  in Indonesian language

thank you  in Indonesian language       

hello  in Indonesian language               

Indonesian language name                  

:  selamat pagi

terima kasih


Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia in 2 Minutes - "Asking For Favours"

The best way to quickly improve your bahasa Indonesia skills is by practicing through our previous episode of this series in asking for directions, discussing hobbies, ordering by phone, and many more. In this Bahasa Indonesia in 2 Minutes blog, we are going to discuss asking for favours through these example sentences and phrases:

“Apakah kamu tidak keberatan untuk mengambil ______?”

Do you mind getting ______?”

“Tentu saja aku tidak keberatan!”

Of course I don’t mind!

“Mau tidak mau.”

Like it or not.

How were those example sentences? Pretty simple right?

Through learning these basic sentences and phrases, you can now easily ask for favours to every Indonesian you know!

To learn how these sentences are used in a conversation, take a look at this video:

Want to learn more basic sentences and conversations in bahasa Indonesia? Don’t forget to read our previous posts where we show you sentences for going on holiday, meeting someone, and at the restaurant.

Selamat belajar!



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