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If culture is a house . . . then language is the key to the front door and all the rooms inside.


"SELAMAT PAGI" : "GOOD MORNING" in Indonesian Language. LEARN BASIC BAHASA INDONESIA IN JAKARTA OR ONLINE, with Language Studies Indonesia.

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good morning  in Indonesian language

thank you  in Indonesian language       

hello  in Indonesian language               

Indonesian language name                  

:  selamat pagi

terima kasih


Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian Foods Foreigners Must Try! | Indomie

Instant noodles were first introduced and marketed in 1958 in Japan. Due to their practicality and delicious taste, instant noodles were well received and liked by the Japanese. Soon after, its popularity spread throughout the world including Indonesia.

Indomie instant noodles brand was first launched in 1972 with Indomie Chicken flavour. In 1982, Indomie launched Mi Goreng, the first dry noodles variant, inspired by the traditional Indonesian fried noodles dish.

Indomie Mi Goreng quickly became very popular and broke through the instant noodles market. Indomie has since become a household brand name in Indonesia and holds the majority of the market share in Indonesia.

Hard work, perseverance, and innovation were the key factors that made Indomie flourish to be the most chosen instant noodle in Indonesia. After more than four decades, Indomie still holds those values dearly and maintains its reputable standing.

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