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"SELAMAT PAGI" : "GOOD MORNING" in Indonesian Language. LEARN BASIC BAHASA INDONESIA IN JAKARTA OR ONLINE, with Language Studies Indonesia.

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good morning  in Indonesian language :  selamat pagi

thank you  in Indonesian language        :  terima kasih

hello  in Indonesian language                   :  halo

Indonesian language name                    :  Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian Expressions During Ramadan

Ramadan is the month where Muslims all over the world dedicate themselves to fast for thirty days straight. As a Muslim-majority country, Indonesia celebrates Ramadan festively. If you currently live in Indonesia, you will hear several expressions that will be commonly expressed during Ramadan.

Unfortunately, due to this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is supposed to stay at home so you will less likely hear these expressions on the street. Nevertheless, you might still hear some on television or other media. Check out and learn these Indonesian expressions during Ramadan through this blog so you will not be missing out!

1. Bulan Puasa