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"SELAMAT PAGI" : "GOOD MORNING" in Indonesian Language. LEARN BASIC BAHASA INDONESIA IN JAKARTA OR ONLINE, with Language Studies Indonesia.

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good morning  in Indonesian language :  selamat pagi

thank you  in Indonesian language        :  terima kasih

hello  in Indonesian language                   :  halo

Indonesian language name                    :  Bahasa Indonesia

How to be Productive During Self-Quarantine

Hey, learners! How are you doing these days?

Have you been staying at your home to do self-quarantine lately?

Some people may be fond of the idea of self-quarantine since they do not have to leave the house and hustle with the hectic routines. They can just stay seated on the couch with their PCs on the lap.

But as time goes by, many are starting to get bored since they think, there’s not much to do at home.

If that is so . . . we have prepared for you a list of activities you can do to keep being productive during the self-quarantine period. Furthermore, you can also learn how to call these activities using Bahasa Indonesia.

1. Membaca Buku (to read a Book)

For some people, reading books (membaca buku) is a boring activity. But nobody can deny that it is actually a part of being productive.

By reading, you are giving your mind a handful of nutrition and nurturing your thoughts with useful information. Other than that, reading books can be really insightful and it helps you to reflect on your own life.

There are plenty of books you can read out there. Or maybe you have a pile of books sitting on your desk, waiting to be read. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and let your mind be nurtured!

2. Menggambar (to draw)