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:  selamat pagi

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How to be Productive During Self-Quarantine

Hey, learners! How are you doing these days?

Have you been staying at your home to do self-quarantine lately?

Some people may be fond of the idea of self-quarantine since they do not have to leave the house and hustle with the hectic routines. They can just stay seated on the couch with their PCs on the lap.

But as time goes by, many are starting to get bored since they think, there’s not much to do at home.

If that is so . . . we have prepared for you a list of activities you can do to keep being productive during the self-quarantine period. Furthermore, you can also learn how to call these activities using Bahasa Indonesia.

1. Membaca Buku (to read a Book)

For some people, reading books (membaca buku) is a boring activity. But nobody can deny that it is actually a part of being productive.

By reading, you are giving your mind a handful of nutrition and nurturing your thoughts with useful information. Other than that, reading books can be really insightful and it helps you to reflect on your own life.

There are plenty of books you can read out there. Or maybe you have a pile of books sitting on your desk, waiting to be read. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and let your mind be nurtured!

2. Menggambar (to draw)

Let your creative side shine through! Drawing (to draw) is a great alternative to kill the time. You can play with colors and strokes, releasing your stress and express yourself. Get a piece of paper, a pencil, and you are ready to go!

3. Membersihkan rumah (to clean the house)

Try to look around and see if everything in your house is set on their places? Have you taken a look at your desk if it is dust-free? Can you remember, when was the last time you took the broom and mop? This is probably the right time for you to start cleaning the house (membersihkan rumah)!

4. Memasak (to cook)

In this kind of time, going out to the restaurants or cafes is not quite ideal. If you need something to eat, you only have a limited amount of choice; a.) Order food online, or b.) cook your own meals. If you have enough time to watch YouTube videos for hours, why don’t you try cooking (memasak) something?

You can start with simple dishes, like fried rice (nasi goreng). Then you can learn new recipes every single day. Isn’t it exciting? Go and try it!

5. Bertanam (gardening)

Have you ever thought that this kind of situation is the perfect time for mother nature to get refreshed and relaxed? Nowadays humans are not doing as many harmful things towards nature as they used to. Isn’t that a good thing?

You can also help, by gardening (bertanam). You can plant a seed, play with dirt and have fun while contributing for the sake of the environment.

6. Berolahraga (to do workouts)

Being healthy is everybody’s concern right now. One of the things you have to do to keep yourself healthy is to workout (berolahraga). There are plenty of exercise tutorials on the internet which you can use to guide yourself to do it at home.

You can do workouts in the morning, in the afternoon or at the nighttime. Now that we all have plenty of time there is no excuse to not do it.

7. Belajar Online (learning Online)

After we do all of the above, what next as we still have lots of time to kill boredom? Learning Online.

It is going to be wasteful when the Covid-19 crisis is over and we do not have any new skills after. We can learn anything and learning a new language can be a good start. Just like most of our students who are now taking our online program. Some of them have been taking our online program even before the coronavirus outbreak started to become a thing. They chose to take the online program because they live outside the Jakarta area but are still willing to learn Bahasa Indonesia with our dedicated Instructors.

Now, most of our students who at first took the live-in-person classes in Jakarta have decided to convert their classes to the online program. They have experienced how the online classes are nothing different compared to the live-in-person classes. Their progress in learning Bahasa Indonesia can still be maintained as if they were taking the live-in-person classes. If they could do it, you can too!

So, what are you waiting for? Try them out and be productive at home!

Do not forget to check out our latest video on YouTube to see how you can use and pronounce the words on the list above so you can apply them in your day-to-day life too!