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If culture is a house . . . then language is the key to the front door and all the rooms inside.


"SELAMAT PAGI" : "GOOD MORNING" in Indonesian Language. LEARN BASIC BAHASA INDONESIA IN JAKARTA OR ONLINE, with Language Studies Indonesia.

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good morning  in Indonesian language

thank you  in Indonesian language       

hello  in Indonesian language               

Indonesian language name                  

:  selamat pagi

terima kasih


Bahasa Indonesia

Learn Indonesian with Indonesian Movies

Hi Learners!

Do you enjoy watching a movie? Well, who doesn’t

Watching a movie cannot only be considered as an entertaining activity. It can actually help you to improve your knowledge about foreign languages.

If you are an independent or proficient learner of Bahasa Indonesia, watching a movie can be very useful for your listening and speaking skill. Furthermore, you can develop your references in new vocabularies and expressions.

Indonesia has many excellent movies with great actors and well-written stories.

Here we are giving you a list of our movie recommendations you can watch to help you learn Bahasa Indonesia and you can enjoy with family and friends during your free time.

You do not have to worry about where to find these movies. They are all available on Netflix. You can also use subtitles to help you better understand the story. But we strongly recommend you to watch them without subtitles, so that your mind can independently process the understanding of the language and storyline.

  • 5 CM (2012)

It is a movie based on a novel by Donny Dhirgantoro with the same title, first published in 2005. This movie showcases the story about a group of friends in a journey of finding the meaning of life and friendship by climbing the highest peak in Java.

5 cm has a little bit of everything. It contains drama, comedy, romance, and adventure. It can be easily enjoyed by anybody. Plus, you will get to see the wondrous view of Mount Semeru. So, definitely check it out!

  • Laskar Pelangi (2008)

Another movie which serves as an adaptation of a best-selling novel. Laskar Pelangi (English: The Rainbow Troops) is one of the most watched Indonesian movies in cinemas. The story is about ten elementary school students in a remote island on the coast of Sumatra with their struggle to achieve their dreams.

In this movie you will get a glimpse of the irony between a place where the poverty rate is relatively high and the beauty of living in a rural environment. By watching this movie you will also be exposed to the Indonesian-Malay dialect which is commonly used in the region.

  • Cek Toko Sebelah

This is the most recent movie on the list. Released at the end of 2016, this movie has successfully caught many attention due to its comedic storyline and representing Indonesian pop-culture, especially in regards to Indonesian chinese descendants. The movie is directed by Ernest Prakasa, the renowned Indonesian comic, who also played as the lead actor.

In this movie you will see the generation gap between a father and his two sons. The story is focused on the dilemma of choosing whether to live for the family or to pursue one’s dream.

This movie will not just five you an exposure to a certain dialect. Here you will encounter dialects from different ethnicities in Indonesia. You should be excited for this one!

What are you waiting for? Go get some snacks and grab your watching device! Happy learning!



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